Nuovi studi sulla pericolosità degli alimenti OGM


New Study Proves GMOs Cause Severe Inflammation of the Stomach and Abnormally Enlarged Uteri in Pigs

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By Fritz Kreiss

A new study by scientist Judy Carman, PhD. that was just published in the peer reviewed journal Organic Systems on the effects of a (now normal) diet of mixed GMO feeds for pigs causes some disturbing health problems, particularly regarding the digestive and reproductive systems and a likely strong involvement of the endocrine system.  Like the now famous Seralini GMO study on rats, this one was also designed as a “lifetime” test but was not designed for the natural life span of 10 years or so that domesticated pigs could have, instead it was based on a lifetime of approximately 6 months which is the norm in today’s pig industry.  The industry standard for previous GMO tests is a mere 90 days on rats, and of course this standard was set by Monsanto itself since they have never allowed independent testing of their controversial GMOs (they actually tested them for more than 90 days but stopped testing and hid the results of everything after that point, likely due to evidence that GMOs are and were harmful to their health). One of the general findings of this study were that the pigs fed GMO feed after being weaned from their mothers were approximately 2.6 times more likely to have severe inflammation of the stomach and stomach lining.  The precise causes of this dramatic increase in inflammation are not fully known at this time, only that GMOs were proven well beyond the point of statistical significance to be the cause, and the authors of the study are calling for further research into the matter with future more focused studies.  The general belief of the possible cause is that the Cry proteins from the Bt toxin producing/containing GMOs are likely much worse for humans than previously believed, as they have been found to be forming bonds and avoiding digestion in previous tests on both mice and pigs throughout not only the stomach but the vast majority of the digestive tract.  While neither pigs nor us are insects, it’s worth noting that these proteins are chosen as a potent insecticide because it has similar actions on their digestive systems, only magnified to be strong enough to rupture their stomachs completely in a short period of time.  It’s also important to consider when looking at this study that the findings are very conservative and understated as all the test pigs were born to and raised by GMO fed sows before being weaned and entered into the test, and even the non-GMO fed test subjects were fed with feed tainted with approximately 1% GMOs as that is the norm in US without going to extra lengths to find a purer source.  Inflammation of this type and degree can cause numerous health complications in the long term, up to and including cancer.

The other very notable finding of this study is that the GMO feed caused the female pigs to have their uteri (uterus) enlarged by an average of a disturbing 25%!  The exact reason(s) for how and why this occurred was not fully discerned by the study but is believed to be pathological, as they stated:

“The reported difference in uterine weight warrants further investigation in future studies because such a biologically significant difference in uterine weights may reflect endometrial hyperplasia or carcinoma, endometritis, endometriosis, adenomyosis, inflammation, a thickening of the myometrium, or the presence of polyps. The uteri from two GM-fed pigs were full of fluid compared to nil from non-GM-fed pigs (Table 3) which may be linked to pathology. The link between an increase in uterine weights and GM feeding is supported by other authors (Brasil et al., 2009) who found that GM soy-fed rats had a statistically significant 59% increase in the density of the uterine endometrial glandular epithelium compared to rats fed an equivalent organic soy diet. Further studies should include histology, blood oestrogen, progesterone and cytokine concentrations, and which GM crop(s) and their GM protein products may, or may not, be involved. As this study used neutered males, further studies are required to investigate any potential effect of these crops on male reproduction. Multigenerational reproductive studies should also be considered”.

In conclusion, considering the evidence this study and the fact that pigs are so consistently fed a fully GMO diet in modern conventional and factory farming and have a great deal in common with humans in terms of genetics and physiology, much more testing and in depth study of the effects of these foods on our health is called for, especially considering how impressively these experimental crops have embedded themselves into the food supply of the US and many other countries.  Long term testing in particular is especially important as the majority of health problems showing to be related to or caused by GMOs are chronic ones that take time to show up and/or greatly compound over time.

About Fritz Kreiss

Fritz Kreiss is the founding head of Occupy Monsanto. He has a history in natural health, nutrition, herbal medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, physiology, and many years of practice as a professional massage therapist and teacher.





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